About Us

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We are Furndex, an independent furniture retailer specialising in quality home furnishing. As interior design enthusiasts, we take pride in being able to help others achieve the perfect aesthetic for their home.

Whether it’s adding a single item to finish off a space or a complete design overall, our goal is to help you find the perfect home furniture for your needs. Good furniture doesn’t just help you make your mark on a room, it also exudes quality that make it useable for the long-term.

When you buy products from our luxury furniture store, you are making an investment for the future. These items help to create the desired aesthetic while also providing comfort and function, something that many products struggle to achieve.

Of course, we all have different goals and desires when it comes to interior design, so we always want to offer a varied selection Some of us like to do a complete overhaul each room, while others prefer a slower approach, adding a few pieces over time.

We follow the latest trends in interior design to ensure our customers have access to the best quality home furniture. No matter your design goals, we are here to help.